Angkor Wat (8-10 Dec)

Taking it all in

I have avoided starting this post for a couple of reasons – both of which are problematic when trying to express yourself in blog format:
1) Angkor Wat is an incredible, breath taking sight and the entire area around Siem Reap is hard to wrap your head around. Having said that, I have no idea how to even begin to put the experience of visiting such a place into words. The words I have settled on are these: If you ever have a chance to visit or if you have ever even had a passing thought about visiting – GO! Go now before it gets more crowded, before it gets commercialized, before someone decides to add more guard rails and safety lighting or “no entry” signs. GO GO GO!

2) If you cannot put the feeling of a place into words, then you use photos, right? Well, this is problem #2…Between the two of us, Suhail and I took more than 1500 photos over the course of 3 days. I am not exaggerating. More. Than. Fifteen HUNDRED. So, the editing of said photos is something I have been putting off since they started accumulating.

In light of all of this…for you, dear readers, I have finally undertaken this task. These are the only words I will type about Angkor Wat (unless any of you have specific questions, which I will be happy to answer), but you can access our heavily edited, yet still excessive photo gallery here. I suggest getting a fresh cup of coffee, clicking the link, selecting the “slide show” option and kicking back for a short virtual visit to Siem Reap. Although photos really cannot do it justice, it sure was fun trying…I hope you enjoy our efforts!

For those of you who prefer an even more abbreviated version, check out Suhail’s video here:

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  1. Marie wrote:

    We’ve got about a gazillion photos from the Angkor Wat complex as well (much of it on slide film!). My favourites are The Bayon and Ta Prohm but I don’t feel like I could ever get enough of that place.

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