New Delhi (12-14 Oct)

Upon arriving in New Delhi we were greeted by Suhail’s cousin, Clarissa, who whisked us away in a taxi to her apartment. Both cousins were worried they would not know it when they saw each other since it had been over 20 years since they last met. Thanks to Facebook, however, the reunion went off without a hitch (it also helped that we were only the second Indian-American couple to exit the arrivals hall – though the first thought Clarissa a bit strange after she approached them!)

We were only in town for about 36 hours, so we did not get to visit with Clarissa much or see too many of the sites, but we did take some photos from the veranda of her lovely little place in the city. Luckly, we will be seeing more of both she and New Delhi on our way out of India. Thanks to our gracious host for a terrific visit!

Click here to visit flickr and view more photos.

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