Ooty (18 Oct)

Ooty is a mountainous region of south India, known for tea production and its cool climate. It was developed by the British during colonial times to ensure a steady supply of their favorite beverage. History and weather combine to give Ooty and other worldly feel, compared to the rest of the south. Unfortunately, most of what we experienced of Ooty was from the car since Suhail was down with a chest infection (though we did not yet know that was the problem). We managed to get some decent photos as we wove our way through the hills. It really is a beautiful place.

We also checked out the Sherlock Holmes guest house as a potential place to spend the night. Unfortunately, it was beyond our budget for this trip, but we would definitely stay here in the future if the opportunity arises. Lovely, spotless rooms and beautifully manicured gardens with incredible views of the surrounding Ooty hills!

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