Halloween Party!

Nandita gets into the spirit

Halloween is a big deal for Suhail and me, and we were really disappointed to miss it this year. So, after stumbling across some cheap hats and wigs at Target,

Anbarasi turns into a little witch!

I thought it might be fun to have a celebration with the kids at the ashram. So, we stuffed yet another bag full of gear and attempted to explain the idea of Halloween. I am not sure the kids understood – or really cared – the point of the holiday, but they definitely got into the spirit. The party was a bigger hit than I could have imagined and we had as much fun as the kids!

I have barely edited the photos because I love them all and, as you will see, we could have had a great time with the balloons alone. Check out the full set here.


  1. Ani S. wrote:

    Great pictures! I looked at them all :-). The kids (and adults) really seemed to enjoy the costumes and balloons. What a fun thing to do with them!

  2. Ange wrote:

    Looks like fun! Love the costumes and the looks on the kids’ faces! 🙂

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