I was first bitten by the travel bug after my junior year of high school, although I remember being mildly obsessed with other cultures after doing a report on “Holland” in the third grade. My high school offered something called the “European History Tour,”a history teacher led trip through seven countries in three weeks (insane!). Since that fateful whirlwind tour in 1992, I have traveled to over 20 countries and still have not gotten rid of the itch!

About five years ago, a friend told me about her adventures on a round-the-world trip (thanks, Donna!) and after doing some further research, I became intrigued, and eventually obsessed, with the idea. Luckily, Suhail (just an unsuspecting boyfriend at the time) shared my passion for this idea and we began working towards the goal of a year long travel adventure. In the meantime, a lot happened. The highlights were: earning my masters in urban planning, getting married (and having a wedding better than I could have dreamed…even though I have never been the type to dream of foolish things like that!) and adopting the world’s cutest dog.

My contributions to this site

I hope to combine my life experiences, especially those with urban planning and the landscaping industry, with my love of nature and animals to share some interesting insight about the places we visit.

I am also obsessed with food (everything from the local, organic food movement on to cooking and eating) so expect to see a lot of photos of the things we are eating and commentary on how it tasted.

Though we have a lot in common, Suhail and I are also very different, so you can read his page for the things he plans to write about.

If you have a particular interest or question about the places we are visitig or the things we are doing, let us know and we will try our best to fill you in.

Thanks for reading!