What we are eating

(…and drinking!)

When our travel medicine nurse stressed we should not even think of eating street food while on this trip, Suhail and I both nodded dutifully, knowing that was exactly what we planned to do the minute we had the chance. Not only is street food affordable and fresh, in South East Asia, it is the way most locals eat. This means we get to have an authentic experience and also try all kinds of things we’ve never even seen before.

Some people worry about the hygiene practices in street stalls, but in many cases we believe the food is actually cleaner than what you’d get in a budget restaurant (and probably often a fancy restaurant as well!). After all, on the street, the meal is prepared before your very eyes and, if you pick a busy place, the food will be very fresh. Not all the food featured here will be from the street, but it’s likely to be very prevalent.

We normally don’t waste time photographing food before digging in, but are making an effort to take a shot or two so you can also get an idea of the amazing options available on the road (and so we can look back and salivate later!). I will then try to get them posted asap so this will be a sort of food diary that I can get updated a lot more frequently than the main posts.


Our special Christmas Eve dinner, Mick & Craig's, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Our favorite dish in Vietnam (though we first discovered it in Cambodia)

Thailand – take 2



Hong Kong


New Zealand



Ecuador – pt 1

Ecuador – pt 2


Argentina – pt 1

Argentina – pt 2