Eating our way through Thailand

We have been eating a lot in Thailand. A LOT. Around every corner, there is another food cart with interesting items…the malls are packed with unfamiliar chain restaurants (that are actually decent) and incredible food courts (that are actually quite good) …even something as American as 7-11 holds unusual delights that beckon “try us, we’re delicious!”

With all these options and our love of food, the only problem we’ve had is that there are not enough meals in the day to try everything. Luckily, we find time for snacks. Here are some mouth watering shots of some of our favorites so far (or click here for the full set, which includes even more tasty stuff). Yum!

Restaurant Meals

MK Restaurant, Bangkok

Amazing squid pad thai at Tropicana, Koh Tao

Nue Gra Pao, Fishy’s, Koh Tao

Thai iced coffee at Black Canyon Coffee, Phuket

Street Food

Fried chicken! Phuket

Our favorite vendor at the night market near our place in Phuket

Grilled squid with chili sauce, Phuket

One of Koh Lanta’s Famous Banana Pancake vendors (they are all “the best”)

Duck with wonton soup & duck with noodles at the street market outside our hostel

Convenience Foods

Aloe flavored yogurt

Thai iced coffee, ovaltine, tea & strawberry milk, 7-11 nationwide

Prawn crackers

Nori seaweed flavor Lay’s

Keralan star anise ice cream & mango sorbet at Shanti Shanti, Koh Lanta


  1. nicole u. wrote:

    this looks soooooo good! prawn crackers! yum…

  2. Marie wrote:

    Star anise ice cream? Hel-lo!

    • kristen wrote:

      Honestly, I am ready to plan a trip back to Koh Lanta just for that ice cream! The owner makes it there on site and it is absolutely out of this world.

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