You may have been traveling for too long when….

you experience a very Brady moment!

Yesterday, I headed to the post office in Saigon to mail 4 packages home to the US. In Vietnam, the post office packs up all shipments for you, so you just turn up with the items you want to send, fill out about 300 forms for each one while they box, label and tape everything up. You then go to a separate area with your wrapped packages and completed forms and pay. It’s very straightforward, really.

Two of the four shipments were pretty simple and <I believe> got off without a hitch. The confusion arose for me because we were sending two shipments containing poster tubes. One of these tubes was destined for my brother, George, while the other contained posters we bought for ourselves, which I wanted to send on the slow boat (since that will take about 2 months, but will still beat us home and is cheaper than air mail). When the people at the shop put the posters in the tubes, they marked them so we would know which was which. Unfortunately, we had spent so much time in there looking at all their cool old propaganda posters, I ended up forgetting which tube contained which posters…even though they were numbered. I thought I had them straight when I was at the counter, but once I went to the payment area (remember, this is after the helpful staff has already packed and sealed everything up) that I started to really think about what was what. Standing there waiting to pay, I knew in a flash, that I had screwed it up.

The punchline to this whole story is that as Suhail and I were leaving the poster shop the night before, I actually said to him, “we will have to make sure we don’t pull a Mr. Brady and take the Yogi Bear poster to our big architectural presentation – hahaha!” Who’s the Brady now?! :-/


  1. nicole u. wrote:

    i can totally hear you delivering that brady line…hahaha.

  2. nicole u. wrote:

    i can’t wait to hear these stories from suhail’s perspective…he’s going to have so much good stuff to rib you about.

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