Coogee Beach, New South Wales

Australians love their dogs as much as Americans do. We met some great dogs with lots of personality and, like the US, dogs tag along with their owners to lots of different places, like the beach.

Exploring the rocks

Stranded with the tide

It wasn't only retreivers enjoying the beach...the little guys were out there as well!

I may not be the most easy-going dog owner, but this really made me nervous (he was fine though!)

Maroubra, New South Wales

My favorite pooch in all of Australia was this energetic terrier. She reminded us of Pico since she was relentless in her pursuit of the ball. Her owner was happy to let us throw it for her (and take a much needed break herself!).

She would refuse to drop the ball, but not as part of the game…it was just so she could catch her breath. The minute the ball was dropped, she started running to the outfield!

Such a trooper

Exhausted, but waiting for more!