Beaches of Sihanoukville, Cambodia (20-25 Dec)

The first time I have actually condoned the use of papasan chairs!

Sihanoukville is a beach town that is a bit more chilled out than those in Thailand, but still a fairly popular tourist destination. We stayed near Serendipity Beach and were lucky to catch some amazing sunsets while we were there.

Enjoying an Ankor draft and the sunset (how can this guy be on a cell phone at a time like this?!?!)

Serendipity Beach at sunset

We also checked out some local Cambodian BBQ around the corner from our hotel. You get a platter of roasted meat (in this case, pork) and dishes of fresh veggies, chilis and herbs to mix as you see fit.

Cambodian BBQ spread

In small eateries in Cambodia and Vietnam, locals simply toss used napkins, bones, etc. onto the floor. The mess is cleaned up at the end of the night, but ensures most open air places have a resident dog or two to help out in the meantime.

Check out the debris under our neighbors' table

Although Serendipity beach was pretty nice, it was also pretty hectic, so one day we decided to head to Otres beach, which is a short, but adventurous tuk tuk ride away. Our effort was rewarded with an amazingly beautiful and more relaxing setting.

Suhail enjoys the isolation of Otres Beach

Looking north along Otres Beach

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