and we’re off… (11-12 Oct)

luckily we will be ditching some of this crap at the ashramOur trip has officially begun and we miraculously made it to O’Hare on time and got off without a hitch. The flight to London was pretty smooth and actually seemed short since we had paced ourselves for a very lengthy journey. We had about 7 1/2 hours in the air and then about 4 hours at Heathrow to collect our luggage, clear customs and head to the infamous Terminal 5 for our British Airways flight to Delhi. Then, another 7 1/2 hour flight which would land us in Delhi at 11pm local time (and I have no idea how many hours in transit that actually amounted to!). We were having a good enough time, feeling drowsy, but excited and ready to sleep on the last leg of our travels. They announced our flight for boarding and Suhail and I headed to the desk. Upon examination of our boarding passes, we were informed by the BA staff that we had been inexplicably upgraded to BUSINESS CLASS!!! We could hardly believe our ears and vowed not to sleep a wink so as not to miss any of the amenities and luxuries that awaited us! (in reality, we did sleep a few winks between our gourmet meals and hot towels) – what a start to our trip!!!


  1. Ani S. wrote:

    Business class! Starting your trip in style…now that is how to do it. What a nice way to start a long journey! Looking forward to seeing/hearing more! We miss you guys!

  2. Ange wrote:

    Excellent pics and upgrade. I hope you’re both enjoying the first leg – can’t wait to read more about your travels.
    Sending lots of love from Chicagoland~

  3. reneem23 wrote:

    This is so cool, Kristen! What an exciting trip!

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