It’s nearly 2am and Suhail and I are still at it. Why is packing such a drag?! I am ready to just throw my passport and wallet into my purse and worry about everything else later! Hopefully a good (but short) night’s sleep will help us have a brighter outlook tomorrow…


  1. Ani S. wrote:

    Safe travels! Thanks for putting together this blog–those of us stuck back at home will be so happy to read all about your adventures. Enjoy!

    • kristen wrote:

      Thanks, Ani! I cannot express how amazing it has been to have the support of our friends and family. We have a lot of responsibility now! I hope we can make this interesting enough to keep you reading…

  2. leesy wrote:

    well it’s official, i suck. but i found your blog. have a very amazing time and i’ll let you know where i’ll come visit. xo

    • kristen wrote:

      no worries, lis, i know how it goes. just keep us posted on your hoped for destination and we can start planning accordingly. do send an email with details of the new beau, however (c:

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