Street art in Cuenca, Ecuador – 21 – 25 July, 2011

Upon arriving in Cuenca, we were almost immediately struck by the presence of graffiti/street art/whatever you like to call it. I started documenting some of the bits we liked best and couldn’t believe how much we were photographing. Enjoy!

"Grow, think, create (not metaphorical, but literal)"

The lantern is the fake here!

These were all found on the same building and done in sort of architectural frames that were part of the structure. It looked like they may have been endorsed by the building owner, but it’s tough to say…

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  1. Name * wrote:

    Do you have a photo of a smiling boy with a feathered headdress on that was near the ones that look like they are framed? I think it was on the same wall.

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